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What's New since Version 1.00:

Latest version: 1.02

Version 1.01: improved inventory and bartering, some additional gaming features, misc minor improvements.

Detailed Listing of Changes:

- Player's Inventory bag window: increased size. Now you've got more room to sort the things you're carrying.
- added Quick-Get/-Drop: Holding down the Shift-key while clicking on an object will now automatically pick it up or drop it, without the need for you to drag&drop the object.
- Player's Inventory bag window: improved auto-placing of objects: Similar objects will now be arranged next to each other. (E.g., when you've placed your food in the lower right corner of the window, an additional piece of food will automatically be placed there, too.) (Of course when you place objects manually you can still place them whereever you want - this change only concerns _automatical_ placing.)

- When your trading partner has 2 or more gold coins, his pile of gold will be split and offered in several different slots on his bartering table in order to enable you to acquire only part of his gold. (Example: 12 gold coins will be offered as 6+3+2+1.)
- Piles of more than 10 silver coins are split in the same way. (Example: 50 silver coins will be offered as 25+13+6+6.)
- If there aren't enough free slots left, some slots are freed by removing valueless items like torches or mugs from your trading partner's bartering table. (You can still get these items from the slaves.)
- Optionally, the total value of all selected goods in silver coins will be displayed below each bartering table. (Go to "Options Menu, Language and Control, Bartering: Display total value" to activate this.)

- Options Menu: added option to adjust brightness, contrast, and RGB intensity.

- You can now load your own midi-files as intro and combat mode music.

- Gaining experience: added moderate increase of strength, dexterity and intelligence (in addition to the increase of skills already available before)
- reduced effectiveness of magical rings or swords somewhat in order to counter-balance your stronger experience gains.
- can now use pliers and hammer (with fireplace and anvil) to repair weapons or armor (if not too heavily damaged).
- can now use tools to repair shields and leather armor (if not too heavily damaged).
- can now use loom to weave cloth (if spindles in inventory).
- Player lastingly cursed after causing trouble at Ziu's Grove: With the new version, this will only happen when you kill someone. Even then, the curse will now end automatically after 18 days. Alternatively, Ortruda in Ortruda's Forest (only in Full Version) can now free you from this curse.
- reduced weight of pick-axe. This, together with the increase of strength, should prevent your character from being overloaded too easily.

- Options Menu: '-' key should now work on U.S. keyboards as well.
- corrected a number of typos/spelling mistakes in dialogs, general text, encyclopedia etc.
- if Setup can't create "SelectedFolder\Teudogar and the Alliance with Rome", it'll try to create "SelectedFolder\Teudogar" instead.

- Help Menu: added access to readme.txt (help file concerning technical questions). (Before, you could only access this file over the Options Menu.)
- graphics system: added detailed error and diagnostic messages.
- removed saved games' anti-patching checking. If you wish to manipulate your saved games, you're no longer prevented from doing so.
- User's Manual: Added some additional information on bartering.

Ordering the Full Version:
- reduced price.
- added Western Union money orders as an additional payment option.

Version 1.02: misc minor improvements

- Added Italian translation by Pasquale Maiellaro. Setup, intro, game texts, extro and documentation are now available in Italian. However, dialogues aren't yet translated and remain English for now.
- Corrected a few typos.

- Some adjustments to grass and trees colors; new structure for grass.

- Under Windows ME, Setup had problems finding default path names on some systems. That should now be fixed.
- Alwina's Cave: made sure you have to give the bracelets to her in order to learn wizardry.

Ordering the Full Version:
- reduced price a bit to US$ 14.95 / EUR 12.50.

Version 1.05:

- Full Version now available as a download (immediately after purchase).
Physical delivery on CD no is longer necessary.

- Italian version: complete with dialogs.

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